Maura Dudas

This customised website is very personal as it was created for my elder daughter as the support and marketing platform for her model career. Very simple, one page website, with dark tones: black and brown with some grays. Adopted for mobile devices. Website:
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HCoS Online

Hungarian community had an old website which was pretty much out of date. It was built on some old Drupal distribution with default template and the mobile readiness was not present. I briefly gathered the requirements and during a weekend in July conceived a new, modern-look website with mobile-first approch built in. Website:
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Szabolcs Vezer

A Fejér County (Hungary) High School had an outdated website created ages ago, so they found me to design something more user friendly. At that time I was dealing with YooThemes’ WARP master theme/template customization, both for WordPress and Joomla!, so I thought it would be handful to use that framework as a new basis for the website. The image above shows what the previous website looked like, and that was the starting point for me…        
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